Effectively managing a large franchise is hard work.

When a franchise network is small, things start out simple and easy to manage. But as the network expands, management quickly becomes more complicated.

High-growth franchisors find it increasingly challenging to support the network. They struggle to communicate effectively and ensure standards are implemented consistently.

What if you had the right tools to compete, grow and prosper in an accelerating world?

Developed by South Africa’s leading franchising experts, HerdingCats allows you to shrink your admin and free up your time to focus on high-value activities. We’re the go-to solution to improve your operations, monitor your performance and protect your brand.

We’ve got all the key features you need:

  1. All your franchise documentation in one place
  2. Seamless communication throughout the network
  3. Easy-to-understand with little to no learning curve
  4. Developed in South Africa with a local support team
  5. Affordable pricing with a fee per site and not user
  6. Tailored functionality to your business

Tested and proven

Some of the top national brands are using the HerdingCats franchise management platform to enhance their franchise network.

Our Story

  • Our mission is to put franchisors back in the driving seat.
  • Our mission is to put the control back in hands of the franchisors.
  • Our mission is to put the control back in your hands.
  • Our mission is to put franchisors back in control.

We developed HerdingCats because there had to be a better way to manage a franchise network. We wanted to give franchisors the tools to help franchisees work within the systems, understand the brand and collaborate to build better businesses.

In 2017 we launched HerdingCats and have since implemented HerdingCats for clients in the retail, restaurant and automotive sectors.

Designed with deep franchising know-how

Over the last twenty years we have built several franchise network management platforms.

We interacted with thousands of franchisees during focus groups and franchisee satisfaction surveys. We understand the challenges that franchisors face in meeting franchisees’ expectations. We tested a number of other software solutions: off-the-shelf franchise management software was inflexible while custom-designed platforms were eye-wateringly expensive.

HerdingCats is a proven, carefully considered solution– the result of many years solving the most common franchise problems.

Why the name?

Cats unlike “herd animals” such as horses or sheep prefer to go their own way. Much like franchisees who have their own ideas, preferences and styles of working.

For the franchisor, managing a franchise network can feel like herding cats, an activity which is difficult and seemingly futile and often wildly unpredictable.

Sound familiar?

  • The Big Five Franchise Challenges

    HerdingCats solves the most common frustrations.

    • Poor communication: Providing consistent and effective communication throughout a dispersed network is tough. Franchisees insist that “they didn’t get it” and important messages fall through the cracks.
    • Lack of consistency: In the absence of standards or at least complete standards, the franchisee will fill in the gaps by themselves. This almost always leads to inconsistencies across the system and makes it almost impossible to protect the brand you developed.
    • Hidden support gaps: Field visits are inconsistent so that some franchisees feel neglected, and not accurately recorded or reported on. Training is done on an ad hoc basis and doesn’t necessarily add value. This means real problems are only identified when it’s too late to make a real difference.
    • No version control: Franchisees find it difficult to find or locate the current version of business policies and procedures. There are countless versions of important documents and files – many outdated or irrelevant
    • Weak data flow: Group benchmarking, reviewing and auditing of both operational and financial performance is generally a major area of concern with franchisees. They typically don’t understand why it’s in their best interests to share key business and financial information. Without enough information, the franchisor is uncertain of how to add value to the network.

    These challenges exist in all organisations but become more visible and risky when a network grows and expands. This is why you need a franchise management platform that is powerful enough to herd cats!

  • Features

    Be Franchise Fit

    Thrive in today’s digital world with a platform developed using leading technologies and the insights gained from working with hundreds of franchisors and franchisees.

    HerdingCats is a cloud-based franchise management platform that flexes to your needs.


    • Cost Effective
      A reasonable initial investment and competitive Rand-based monthly fees per site makes this an affordable option.
    • Accessible
      The platform runs on almost any browser and device. Some modules are even available offline.
    • Modular
      You only pay for what you need. Additional tools are there when you’re ready.
    • Quick Roll-out
      We get things up and running in a matter of weeks, and not months or years.
    • Tailored
      A true reflection of your brand with functionality tailored to your unique business needs.
    • Scalable
      Designed to evolve as you grow, develop and scale your network.
    • Local Support
      No overseas call centres. Let us handle tech support and you can focus on your core business.
    • Secure
      Robust data privacy and security measures to safeguard your precious information.
    • Intuitive
      Created so that your internal staff can handle updates and regular communication.

    Save time and energy managing your franchise network

    Our tools make it simple to communicate, manage and report.

    The HerdingCats platform contains five base modules and a range of optional modules.

    The base modules include:

    1. Content management system: Your online, secure Operations and Procedures Manual.
    2. User access control: Fully customisable profiles and roles – your complete database of franchisees and support staff.
    3. Basic territory management: A tool to model territories, franchisees and support staff.
    4. Registered mail: Rich communication capabilities and a record that messages are received and read.
    5. Franchise admin centre: Upload and store key documents such as lease and franchise agreements. The system flags expiry dates – so that everyone involved is notified on time.

    And so much more…

    Cherry-pick additional modules to meet your needs. We’re continually adding more features and functionality that resonates with our clients. Speak to us regarding creating new functionality beyond what is listed here.

    • Monthly turnover declaration: Allows for monthly franchisee declarations of turnover, proof of payment and POS system integration if required.
    • Online checklists: Allows for network-wide monitoring, escalation and improved service standards.
    • Offline capability: For specified forms and functions for when connectivity is slow or non-existent.
    • Advanced territory management: Optional extensions to manage franchise support staff through monitoring appointments, call rates, objectives and outcomes.
    • Complaints system: Logging, collating and workflow management and closeout of customer complaints.
    • Data consolidation platform: Import data from your POS, accounting systems and other sources for rich, friendly dashboards and reports.
    • Process management solution: Fits a variety of processes including task management, (often arising from checklists), performance management, travel approval, expense management, fleet management, repair tracking, store rollout and revamp tracking.


    Is my data secure and private?

    The short answer: Yes. The longer answer: HerdingCats was originally built to meet the stringent privacy and security requirements set by one of our bank customers. You set the level of user permission and control who is invited into your organisation. No one can access your files unless you let them. Our servers are based in the UK with a leading enterprise grade supplier. We follow industry best practice with regards to security, privacy, business continuity and we constantly review our policies.

    Who owns the data stored on HerdingCats?

    All of your data and content belongs to you, but the HerdingCats platform remains ours, even if we fine tune some elements to suit your specific needs.

    What happens if I stop using HerdingCats?

    If you decide to stop using Herding Cats, we will support you to export your data and files if required. This may involve some specific formats or decisions, so it is not an automatic function and may involve some additional cost. Once you stop using HerdingCats, you will of course lose access to our platform, and the efficiencies that our platform provides. We find that once franchisors adopt HerdingCats they never want to go back!

    How long does it take to get up and running?

    Our proven platform and many years of experience working with franchisors allows for a relatively short “go live” lead time. This depends on the modules you decide to implement initially, as part of the roll out phase, as well as the level of customisation you require.

    What are the costs involved?

    Competitive monthly fees per site (not per user) makes the HerdingCats solution an affordable option for just about every franchisor. Our fees work on a sliding scale depending on the number of sites. The standard HerdingCats offering does not require a huge initial capex. A scope of the client needs is undertaken, and the initial site set up and deployment costs are based on this scope.

    Franchisors have the option to recover the monthly costs from franchisees or cover these costs at a head office level (out of ongoing management service fees).

    How many users do I need to get going?

    We offer scalable options to suit your business. We work with organisations at the beginning of their franchising journey through to established franchisors with a large networks. We work best with a franchise network where the management controls have been defined to some degree and already have a minimum of 15 sites.

    Do I need to install or download any software to use Herding Cats?

    HerdingCats is cloud based and you do not need to install or download any additional software.

    Can I have more than one franchise brand on Herding Cats?

    We often work with franchisors with a number of franchise brands. Although technically possible, we generally don’t recommend combining your brands on one platform – this could be confusing and undermine the value of the platform. Speak to us about getting all your brands online – we will endeavour to find efficiencies and economies of scale.

    Can you customise HerdingCats for us?

    This is a key part of our approach to simplifying franchise management. We work with you to make HerdingCats a true reflection of your brand while tailoring the platform to your unique business needs. But this is not fully bespoke custom-software which is expensive and time-consuming to build, nor is it a one size fits all generic solution that inhibits flexibility.

    I have a large head office team; do I have to pay for each head office user to have access to Herding Cats?

    No. We generally agree on a single flat fee for your head office. We will assess the size of the team and the number of head office staff who will need access to the system and provide a fair monthly fee for this. After all, it’s your franchisees we want on board and we understand that in order to ensure seamless communication and consistency across the network, that head office people need access to the platform as well.

    Our franchise has outlets in rural areas and out of the way places where connectivity isn’t all that reliable. Can HerdingCats be used offline?

    The platform does allow some offline functionality – typically for store visit checklists and audits. We would however prefer to discuss your needs with you and determine your requirements. This way the system addresses your specific business needs.

    Do I have to sign complicated and onerous contracts?

    No. We aim to keep it clear and simple. Once we’ve agreed your business needs with you, we will draft a proposal detailing the specific modules and costing. If you accept the proposal we enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you. The purpose of the SLA is to define the relationship between the parties and clearly set out the roles and responsibilities of each party.

    Do you host the platform on our corporate website?

    HerdingCats is a fully hosted offering – we do not currently offer self-hosting options. But we brand the platform for you, including custom URLs, so the whole experience is consistent with your brand identity.

    Our Team

    Meet the Team

    The secret to truly successful projects isn’t just about technology; it’s about working with the right people.

    HerdingCats brings together a team of franchising and technology experts who are passionate about the franchise sector and dedicated to making a success of every project we take on.

    Antony Soicher
    Technology Lead

    Antony and his team at Strategy Architects designed and built the HerdingCats platform. He has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services, retail and various other sectors and has been involved in implementing a wide-range of information systems for clients large and small. He lectured at the Wits Business School for 18 years in information systems management, technology, strategy and innovation. He is a successful entrepreneur with many online ventures and software products and runs a vibrant consultancy focusing on strategic IT projects.

    Strategy Architects Website

    Lesley-Caren Johnson
    Franchising Operations and Procedures Lead

    Lesley-Caren is the founder of WordSparks a specialist consultancy that supports franchisors to streamline their management and admin processes. Her +20 years of experience spans an array of industries, including the hospitality, retail, beauty, signage, motor, farming, educational, consulting and food industries. She is the author of several business books including the bestselling The Ultimate South African Business Companion. She is a leader in the development of taking franchise documentation online.

    LinkedIn Profile

    Eric Parker
    Franchising Advisor

    Eric is a partner at Franchising Plus and one of South Africa’s foremost authorities on franchising. He is a former marketing director at KFC and a co-founder of Nando’s. He has consulted on franchising since 1994. Eric is a past director and Chairman of the Franchise Association of Southern Africa (FASA). He was named the FASA Franchise Personality of the Year in 1995. He is a renowned speaker and author of a number of popular books on small business management. Franchising Plus is South Africa’s leading franchise consulting firm.

    LinkedIn Profile

    Sasha-Lee de Bod
    Franchising Advisor

    Sasha-Lee is a consultant and partner at Franchising Plus. She joined Franchising Plus is 2015 and has gained experience in franchising across various industries such as Health and Beauty, Retail, Restaurants and QSR, Business to Business, Education, and Insurance among others. She assists clients to develop optimal expansion models for their business with emphasis on owner operator mechanisms. She has been involved in project management and mentoring for small businesses as part of the Supplier Development Mentorship Initiatives facilitated by Franchising Plus. She has been a speaker at several industry events, conferences, and workshops.

    LinkedIn Profile

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